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Mar 18, 2021

LTM - command to display VIP/pool/pool members

While waiting for BIG-IQ setup, I need to run a command to display all VIPs and their pool members association to it.

I am running on v15.1.2.

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  • Please check this,



    i have problem trying to save the file with this error:

    Syntax Error: "cli" unexpected argument

    There were errors. Continue editing(y) or discard changes(n) (y/n) y

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      Any answer on this? I'm getting the same error - can't create script because of this.

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        Were you able to follow the comments sections, I've explained it to Arthur.

        If you still need more explanation, please do let me know.

  • You can also test with REST API script or Ansible to retrive all the VIP and their pool members.