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Apr 25, 2012

looking for nicer way to have variable in the middle of string

i want to create a string where the variable part is in the middle, iRule / TCL doesn't totally get this.



the line below causes the system to assume the variable is $variable_fixedpart2, not just $variable



set name "fixedpart1_$variable_fixedpart2"



this works:



set name "fixedpart1_$variable"


append name "_fixedpart2"



but is there a nicer way, in one line for example?


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  • Sure, you can use curly braces to escape the variable name:



    set name "fixedpart1_${variable}_fixedpart2"



  • thanks, works as a charm.



    i have to get used to curly braces for things like this, im using to using dots and "" for such things.