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Aug 16, 2011





What is the main purpose of System::ConfigSync::load_configuration function?



We wrote a console application which adds an member to an external datagroup. We call load configuration at the end of our application. But after we run, the system has been effected, irule did not operate.



I use LOAD_HIGH_LEVEL_CONFIG LoadMode. Is the problem be occurred for this? What is the main differences between LOAD_HIGH_LEVEL_CONFIG and LOAD_BASE_LEVEL_CONFIG?



Does The load configuration function call in live system?



Are there any option for load_configuration?



Please Help me?


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  • What do you mean the iRule didn't operate? It didn't run at all, or it didn't do what you expected? After your script runs, have you verified that the external datagroup was updated in the file system? The load configuration serves to load in any changes you made to that external datagroup, as well as loading all other bigip configuration objects. If you specify the high level, this is traffic management level objects (rules, snats, routes, virtuals, profiles, pools, etc) whereas the base level is stp, vlan, self ip, mgmt info, etc.



    The methods are not configurable.
  • however,we use pools, the connection uses default pool when the problem occurs. But according to irule default pool should not be used. So we supposed that irule was out of order. The external datagorup was updated, there is not any problem about this. Does the load_configuration serve only changes? But we see from ltm logs, monitors, members was updated when we run this command.



    I see that merge command for only changes, may I use it?If yes, are there any method for icontrol?