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Mar 03, 2011

Load Balancing more than one network

Hi Gurus:




I have the following requirement. Please let me know if this will work at all. I have two network segments -> external vlan -> internal vlan



When I define Virtual Server in 204 and it maps to pool members in 208, everything works fine from out side (i.e. outside of 208 and also from other servers in 204) .



However, I also have the requirement that some servers in the 208 network will need to access other load balanced servers (i.e. other 208 servers via 204). Is this possible ?



Someone suggested for the second requirement, I should define Virtual Server using 208 IP and specify internal VLAN in the Virtual Server definition.



Have you done this type of configuration? if so, I would appreciate it, if you share your experience and suggest me what would be the right path.



Thanks in advance.
















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  • You could simply use "SNAT Automap" on your Virtual Servers. That would keep your servers from talking directly to each other and thus breaking the functionality. If you didn't want to SNAT all traffic, you could do an iRule to only SNAT traffic where was the source.