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Aug 08, 2011

Load Balance Nodes in a Pool




I hope this isnt a completely stupid question, but what is the best way to load balance 3 nodes(eg A, B and C) that I have in 1 pool given my below needs/criteria :



My requirements are basically that 2 nodes(A and B) are the only nodes that are used, unless they are both unavailable...if this is the case then node C should be used. Simply put, Node C is our DR site and connected via the its preferable that Nodes A+B are the only ones used when available as they are on the LAN.



I've looked through the standard load blanacing methods available via the configurtation of the pool, but none satisfy my requirements as far as I can see....



Can anyone kindly advise?



Thanks in advance,



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  • Hi Pete,



    You can use priority group activation on the pool to set A and B with a higher priority than C. Set minimum active members to 1 so that C will receive connections only when A and B are both down. You can check the LTM config guide section on pools for your version on AskF5 for details.