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Jul 13, 2012

ldap query from within irule?




Over time we are migrating users between two different mail systems both providing imaps.



I'm writing an iRule to hand users to a correct backend-server,


The information about what pool the client should be connected to is stored in ldap.


For now it all works - except the ldap-lookup-part.



The below query always return one value, and from that it is possible to parse information about what system the user is in.



ldapsearch -LLL -x -h uid=username mailRoutingAddress



It seems that the tcl way of executing shell scripts and including external packages have been disabled... is it possible to re-enable it?




Best regards,


David Syk




[edit] typeo, didnt mean ldaps, meant imaps [/edit]


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  • i understand it is possible by using either auth profile or sideband connection. anyway, i have not seen an example code.



    this is an article about the sideband.



    v11 iRules: Intro to Sideband Connections by Colin




    hope this helps.