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Jan 28, 2011

KeepAlive between client and LTM, not between LTM and server

Has anyone had any experience with setting the client tcp profile to support keepalive, while disabling keepalive on the server tcp profile and disabling keepalive on the backend server itself behind a standard mode LTM vip?



The goal would be to provide less TCP setup/teardown for the client to LTM side of the connection, but still have no keepalive on the ltm to server side of the connection so that the server doesnt keep any processes around waiting for a client to send more data.




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  • Hi Matt,



    A few other posters have mentioned this:






    You could try configuring use a custom OneConnect profile to limit serverside connection reuse (Maximum Reuse) to 1.



    If you try this, could you report back on the results for future reference?



    Thanks, Aaron