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Nov 04, 2011

JDE (JD Edwards) Ram Cache




Has anyone configured Ram Cache for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne?



I have followed the documents in the F5 documentation area which says to basically use the default settings under wan optimization when using that though I find that the Menus in JDE freeze, as well as some of the applications in JDE appear to stay open when you log out and log back in.



I have tried only doing inclusion of the following:








Maybe if i said do not cache anything unless in Inclusions?



Anyone else have settings they could recommend?








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  • Hi mrg767,

    When you enable RAM Cache on an HTTP Profile, it works in combination with an iRule (usually), so that you can enable / disable inclusion based on whatever criteria you configure. If you do not control it with an iRule it will cache virtually everything by default.

    I would suggest including an iRule that first does CACHE::disable and then does some type of inspection to determine when to enable / include things into it.

    Something like this:

    when HTTP_REQUEST {
    if { [string tolower [HTTP::uri]] contains "image" } {

    On a side note, you can see what is in RAM Cache from the command line (make sure you are in the correct Partition to run this):

    Show all HTTP Profiles (in the Partition you are in) that utilize ramcache.

    b profile http all ramcache show

    This command will override the default amount of entries dumped from the ramcache.

    b profile http ( ramcache entry max response 10000 show

    Hope this helps.