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Jun 29, 2021

Is there ressources to mock iControlREST?

Hello all,

Is there a huge zip file somewhere with a complete dump of a "classic" F5 installation with virtual servers, policies, etc.

I want to mock a iControlREST for unit testing and integration testing of one of our service that use iControl REST but not with production data that can be sensitive and doesn’t belong in a CI/CD chain.

Thank you!

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  • I don't think so Cedric.


    iControlREST is a built-in feature in F5.

    No open-source.




  • When I say a dump of an F5 installation I mean a JSON dump of answers from iControlREST to different requests. So you’ll be able to reproduce the dialog between a service and an iControlREST but without a "real" F5.

    • Hello Cedric.

      It doesn't exist a current dump but you could get one by yourself just querying a F5 with only-read queries.

      You can start from here:

      curl -sku admin https://localhost/mgmt/tm/ | jq >> output.txt

      ​And after that, you have to query all the links you get from the response (except self-links!)