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Sep 19, 2021

Is there F5 GUI option to edit AS3 Template deployed service without BIG-IQ ?

Hello to All,


Because in the AWS Guide for deploying F5 devices in an auto scale group and the pool members in another auto scale group without the use of an BIG-IQ when I read it I see that a curl commandis used to edit the key and value that is used to specify the pool members auto scale group ID. I think this feauture is based on F5 AS3 discovery service and because the iApp one is not under support anymore AS3 needs to be used .



Is there an F5 version where you could use the GUI to edit AS3 depoyed services without the use of ansible, postman, python or BIG-IQ?





Edit the virtual_service_definition.json file and increment the values in the

tagValue fields:

"tagKey": "f5demoapp",

"tagValue": "f5-demo-app-0.0.1",





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  • I think that the FAST templates can be used but probably there is no premade F5 fast template with AS3 service discovery for AWS in it and it probably should be custom made.