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Mar 05, 2020

Is it possible to run shell script with user TMSH access

The resource admin with TMOS access want to run shell script (.sh), I already find the way to run on the TMSH mode. But I can't find the way.

(Also try to find Ansible module linux on cli but not work)


Anyone, can suggest me please.


Thank you

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  • Well - shell - bash can be given to admins and res admins. But there are cases like remote roles where you cannot give bash for res admin. Only it has to be an admin. So it depends what type of authentication your box is having.


    Also its not a good practice to give bash for res admin. Only admin should have bash. Res admin should have tmsh access alone.


    Sometimes for automation, You would need an admin account to get the jobs easier.

  • if you use run /util bash that will put you in a bash prompt. You should be able to run the script from there.