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Jul 19, 2015

Is iControl REST RBAC present in 11.5?



In the 11.6 version of the iControl REST user guide there is a section REST-> About iControl and RBAC for user accounts, which shows how a non-admin account can be given access to REST via https.


This section is missing in the 11.5 version of the same guide.


We are using 11.5 firmware on our F5s (BIGIP-


Can I ask our F5 admins to create a non-admin account with access to REST as documented on page 22/23 of the guide, and will this work, or do I need to ask them to upgrade to 11.6 before this will work correctly?






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  • I just ran a test on 11.5.3HF1 and it looks as though only a user with the 'Administrator' role can execute even GET commands. I did not run the same set of tests again 11.6.0 to see if the behavior is different there.