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Aug 05, 2022

Is HA between rSeries tenant and classic BIG-IP VE supported?


Since rSeries tenants are BIG-IP images, is HA (DSC) between them and iSeries BIG-IP or standard VE supported?


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  • Hello Amine_Kadimi,

    Actually, it depends on the modules running and how the cluster is established.

    For example, in TMOS images, LTM module using load-aware failover feature is not dependent of the hardware platform, so it's completely compatible.

    But you should take into account that other failover methods could not be working as expected.

    In the other hand, APM module could have some incompatibilities clustering different HW platforms.

    So, in general, the response in 'yes', you can clustering different HW platforms.


  • Hi Dario_Garrido 

    Thank you for your reply.

    I agree that theoretically this seems possible though AFAIK software is not exactly the same since the TMOS images for rSeries are special flavors of TMOS.

    Did you try setting up clustering between LTM rSeries appliance and a standard LTM VE?

    I wonder if this is officially supported?! I couldn't find any information on this


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      Hello Amine_Kadimi 

      I agree that TMOS/rSeries is an special flavor, but it's not different than any other flavors.

      • TMOS/VE is running under one generic hypervisor like ESXi/KVM
      • TMOS/vCMP Guest is running under one hypervisor created by F5
      • TMOS/rSeries is also running under one hypervisor created by F5

      But one of the advantages TMOS images is they are not dependent of the HW. All of them are officially compatible with each other, as I pointed before in the official KB.

      Despite this, if you need that someone from F5 confirms you that, because of the requirement of one technical specification, then you should open a TAC ticket.