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Apr 06, 2018

Is AOM available in BigIP VE (Running in ESX)?

Hi there, I am setting up my first pair of virtual edition (VE) BigIPs currently and struggle to get AOM network access running.


When using physical BigIPs ESC-( does the trick, but when trying to enter this via the ESX console, as soon as I type ESC I get ^[ so I won't be able to access the AOM menu.


Looking at K14594: Accessing the AOM Command Menu I am not seing VEs listed anywhere. So am I right that VEs generally do not offer any AOM at all and the idea is to do all the maintenance/troubleshooting via the ESX console?


If not - how do you configure network access to the AOM for VEs?


Cheers, Torsten


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  • Hi, AOM is only available on Hardware platforms.


    AOM is a dedicated system running on appliance not sharing the same CPU, RAM and disk.


    In ESXi, you can do the same with:


    • Halt / restart system : VSphere client
    • remote access to console : VSphere client or Network virtual serial port.