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Mar 23, 2012

Irules Question

i have Vs & 2 Pools , i need to forward to one Pool based on source Ip like the below :



If Src ip =x , Forward to Pool1


if not Forward to Pool2


The question is :


Can i do the below :


Irule Logic : if srx-ip=x forward to Pool1 + use Def Pool under Vs as Pool2 , by that if something didnot match the condition of src-ip =x will Vs go back to use default pool or it will drop the packet ?


( or it is mandatory to use it at the Irule like : if src-ip =x Forward to Pool1 , if not forward to Pool2 , all in the Irule without depending on default Pool at VS ? )






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  • You do not need to explicitly name pool2 in the irule. Just make pool2 the default pool and write the irule to use pool1 when the conditional is met.