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Nov 17, 2010

iRule to replace http:// ipaddress for https://fqdn




Apologies for asking this question but as a complete newbie to the F5 some guidance would be most helpful. We have the following problem



User sends the following request to Business Objects Infoview






Once the logon has occurred which works correctly, the application returns the following.



This obviously fails as the user in an internet based user running via HTTPS so obviously has no route to the local servers via their IP or HTTP. What I need to do is replace with https://fqdn/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp



I am assuming an iRule is the way to go does anybody have any advice or examples?



Many Thanks,





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  • have u tried this solution? didn't it work?



    SOL6912: Configuring an HTTP profile to rewrite URLs so that redirects from an HTTP server specify the HTTPS protocol

  • If you need to use the hostname that resolves to the virtual server instead of the IP, you could use an iRule like this:

    when HTTP_REQUEST {
        Save host name (use VS IP if no HTTP host header was found
       if {[HTTP::host] eq ""}{
          set host [IP::local_addr]
       } else {
          set host [HTTP::host]
    when HTTP_RESPONSE {
        Check if server response is a redirect
       if { [HTTP::header is_redirect]} {
           Log original and updated values
          log local0. "Original Location header value: [HTTP::header value Location],\
             updated: [string map -nocase "http:// https:// [IP::server_addr] $host" [HTTP::header value Location]]"
           Do the update, replacing http:// with https:// and the server IP with the host or VS IP
          HTTP::header replace Location [string map -nocase "http:// https:// [IP::server_addr] $host" [HTTP::header value Location]]