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Feb 18, 2021

iRule to remove HTTP Headers like SamAccountName

We are using the following iRule to include SamAccountName header:



#Add Username as a Session Variable to be called below

if { [ACCESS::session data get session.saml.last.result] == 1 } {

set name [ACCESS::session data get ""]

HTTP::header insert SamAccountName "$name"

HTTP::header insert WL-Proxy-Client-IP [IP::client_addr]



Application owners have discovered the SamAccountName can be modified in the header and the user logging in will be different.


We are looking for a solution to write an iRule that would strip out the initial SamAccountName header information and replace it.

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  • that would be HTTP::header replace or first HTTP::header delete and then HTTP::insert to make sure you don't have double ones.