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Jan 30, 2012

iRule to redirect based on client username

I'm looking for an iRule to redirect specific clients to specific pools based on their username.



I'm finding examples based on source IP but not usernames.







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  • well source IP or usernames are just arbitrary fields, It is very trivial to change the data source you are using. It could depend where you are getting the username from, as that could take all sorts of forms and you've not said if this is an HTTP header, cookie value etc.



    In the simple exampels given here, just change the variable you are using for the input of the switch
  • Do you want to do a mapping for all clients to specific pools, or just a subset of users?



    As Chris said, how you do this depends on what authentication method you're using. If you confirm that we can help with examples of selecting a pool based on username.



  • Just a subset of users to specific pools and HTTP is the authentication method.



    Thank you!
  • If you're using basic HTTP auth, you can parse the username with HTTP::username:

    You can map the username to pool name using a data group. To do the lookup, you can use class match -value:

     Save the VS default pool name
    set default_pool [LB::server pool]
    when HTTP_REQUEST {
     Check if the basic auth username is present
    if {[HTTP::username] ne ""}{
     Check if the default 
    set pool_name [class match -value [HTTP::username] equals user_to_pool_dg]
    if {$pool_name ne ""}{
     Select the pool and exit the iRule event
    pool $pool_name
     If we are still in the iRule, a pool was not selected so pick the default pool
    pool $default_pool