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Jan 17, 2011

irule to read host from HTTP request and redirect



I have BigIP LTM 10.0.1 system that sits in front of a http proxy gateway in the call path of incoming http requests in a ISP environment.


When customer access certain websites via proxy they experience errors. I'm trying to create an irule where it reads the host field on the http header and if it contains certain words (hotmail in this example), then it will direct the traffic via pool p1 (internet router) if not then via pool p2 (proxy gateway).


When I try to implement the irule I various errors. Below is the script.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.






Specify current url


set host[HTTP::host]



Specify pools



set p1 "proxy_pool"


set p2 "internet_pool"



display current url and user agent in ltm log file


log "HOST = $host"




check if host has name that has issues going through proxy


switch -glob "$host" {


"*hotmail*" -


"**" {


log "$host GOING TO Directly to $host -- 1.2"


pool $p2


} default {


log "$host GOING Through proxy-- 1.3"


pool $p1






end of switch



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