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Sep 05, 2011

irule saved in memory but not in the actual bigip.conf




I have run on a issue which is a big strange i'm running version



10.0.1 build 378.0 HF3



I create the irule issuing the command on the cli :



b rule my_irule '{}'



I can see the rule being created in memory but even after a b save all



or a config sync the irule is not saved in to the config file



this is very strange as I have another more recent version where this is working




Any clues ?











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    I haven't seen this issue with an iRule but I have seen this issue with virtuals. Try removing it and adding it back in via the GUI. I was never able to find the root cause to this issue.
  • Hi J,



    Can you reproduce this issue consistently on 10.0.1HF3? Can you try adding a comment or some code to the iRule and retest?



    b rule my_irule 'when RULE_INIT { set test 1 }'