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Mar 08, 2020

iRule LX Workspace must be reloaded after reboot



We usually shutdown the development/testing instances during the night. Since a few days ago I am noting that the instance is always starting up in the following state:



I always have to click the "Reload from Workspace..." button and, after that, everything works fine as expected.


If this behavior persists, it will be a problem when we put this irule to run in an autoscaling group, where the instance have to be able to shutdown and start up properly without any manual intervention.


Did anyone have similar experience?


Thank-you 👍

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  • I personally have not seen such a behavior (I start and shutdown my BIG-IP VE every day too).


    The 'content differs from workspace' warning appears when the codes in workspace and plugin are different. Possibly, the reload was not actually successful. The workspace codes are stored under /var/ilx/workspace and plugin ones are under /var/sdm/plugin_store. Check if they are the same (note file and directory names are different in some areas) after reloading. Check /var/log/ltm if the reload was successful. If your environment is an HA, make sure you have only one workspace among the peers (there should be just one workspace per cluster: See also K04523742: Device group synchronization for iRules LX configuration objects).


    If you do not find anything suspicious, it may require deeper analysis. Consider raising a ticket to F5 Support.

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      Is there a way to reoload workspace using a cronjob?  Our workspaces crashes often