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Feb 07, 2011

iRule HTTP redirection - one server multiple instance

Hi, I was digging through this forum and found several similar cases like mine, but I am still very newbie on how iRule commands interact with VS and pool member selection. Moreover, I havent managed to found any case that have the pool member running multiple instances of service. hope the wisemen here can help:



My customer is implementing a trading application which consists of more than one module, but running on the same machine (one web server running multiple instance):



for FE module:


1. forward "http://front_web" to "webserver_ip" at port 2020


2. forward "https://front_web/servlet/LiveGiverServlet" to "webserver_ip"at port 2025



for TR module:


1. forward "http://tr_web" to "webserver_ip" at port 4020


2. forward "https://tr_web/servlet/LiveGiverServlet" to "webserver_ip" at port 4025



I am thinking of when: HTTP_REQUEST , match condition: HTTP::host, and statement is HTTP::redirect to port something, and in "if" command.


But I can not think of how the traffic will flow as the irule is INSIDE virtual server, and the virtual server is listening on a particular IP address and service port. is it possible to create a single vs with 2 port to listen to (2020 and 2025 for FE module, 4020 and 4025 for TR module) ?


Is there a better way to do the task?




Thanks all






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