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Dec 13, 2011

iRule for Web Migration of Sharepoint




I need help creating an iRule for migration from our SP2003 to SP2010 environment. Here is basically what I am trying to achive.




Current Setup:




1.) VIP is set with IP and site name of




2.) Default pool for the VIP is SP2010_Pool




3.) No SSL all standard HTTP traffic.




4.) Using default HTTP profile.




Access attempt:




1.) For newly migrated content users will access and be sent to the default pool since all new content is on the SP2010_Pool which is the default pool.




2.) When users try to access old content not currently migrated, they will hit the VIP and will be processed by the iRule to be sent to the SP2003_Pool.




Here is where I need help. I need an irule that says




if HTTP request for contains "/sites/technology" then route them to the SP2003_Pool else send to default pool of SP2010_Pool.




What I also need is for it to honor anything appending the main portion of the URL:




For example:








Both of these need to be honored and processed by the iRule.




My goal is to have data in the iRule that allows me to direct older URL/sites to the SP2003_Pool and newer/recently migrated sites to the new and default SP2010_Pool.




I think it is fairly simple but I may have explained it in a complicated way ;) Any help would be appreciated.











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  • Hi James,



    I think you've figured out part of it in this post: