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Nov 08, 2011

iRule for HTTP redirect from retired URL to new URL

I'm new to iRules and could use some help. I think I have a pretty basic question but I'm not finding the answer after a few searches in DevCentral.



Here is what I'm trying to do....we have a web site that is retiring and will be replaced with a new site. We would like to do an http redirect to the new site when someone hits the old URL. Both sites are HTTPS. We want the URL in the users address bar to change to the new address.



Basic functionality: User goes to Redirect is sent to send user to



I've tried some basic HTTP redirect iRules, but none are working for me.



Do I need to use something other than a basic HTTP profile in the vserver I'm applying the iRule to?



Is the HTTPS adding some complexity that I'm not accounting for?








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