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Oct 31, 2011

iRule Ed 11.0.1 and F5 LTM 10.2.2

I tried to see if I could edit data class with values and it is not working for me.



In the webui I can see the string and its value but in the iRule Ed it only shows the string. When I try to edit the value is empty.



Is this a known issue?


Is it something I did with the install that may cause this issue?


I have 10.0.1 installed and did not remove it before installing 11.0.1.


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  • We discovered this bug late last week. Joe is out today but will likely take a look at fixing this code soon.
  • Jason is right. I've got a fix coded, just haven't packaged it up. I'll try to have a 11.0.2 build live on the site sometime tomorrow.





  • I just updated the install with version This should fix the data group value issue. I also enhanced the data group dialog a bit to make it resizable. Let me know what you think.





  • This is great. Just tested and it is working as expected.



    It is also able to edit the data group that are in an external file.


    Is that part of the iControl API? I have read about using the external file for Data groups but there does not seem to be a direct API like there is for inline data groups. Just wondering how you are doing it.
  • Maybe I spoke too fast.


    I am able to edit the data group properly but my iRule complained that it could not use the value.


    I re-edited the data group entries with the webui and that fixed the issue. There was no more errors in the ltm log.


    Am I the only one that experienced this odd behavior?