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Jan 03, 2011

iQuery between LTM

Hi all,



I am working on for a solution for the scenario below.



2 active-active Data centres to provide HTTPs service.



1 GTM cluster on each DC


1 LTM active-standby cluster in each DC for reverse-proxy servers


1 LTM active-standby cluster in each DC for real servers.





Traffic flow will be:



client->reverse-proxy servers LTM->reverse-proxy servers-> real servers LTM -> real servers



GTM will pick up which DC to use. The client traffic will initiate a session to reverse-proxy server LTM in the DC which GTM specified. Then Reverser-porxy LTM will LB traffic to one of reverse-porxy servers. The selected reverse proxy server will create a new session for SSL traffic to the second LTM for real servers. The second LTM will forward the traffic to the real server.



My question is about the load management:



When all real servers in one DC are overloaded, e.g.DC 1, how GTM know this so that GTM can identify this DC1 is "unavailable"?



Could you please advise how i can achieve my objective?










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