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Jun 09, 2023

Insufficient permissions BIG-IQ login error.


big iq


  • Initial setup of BIG-IQ CM or BIG-IQ DCD
  • Unable to login into the BIG-IQ GUI but able to login using SSH

This type of problem happens when your local machine and BIG-IQ have much time difference.

Step for solution:

Step_1&2: Configure NTP Server on BIG-IQ & Set timezone



modify sys ntp servers add {} 
modify sys ntp timezone Asia/Dhaka 
save sys config 



 Some show command for cross check time is change or not.

  • Show NTP Server List   tmsh list sys ntp servers
  • Show NTP TImezone List   tmsh list sys ntp timezone
  • Show date  date

Additional Information:

You can set time manually following article K3381. 



Md. Emon Hossain

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  • Emon_423837 This is great to share, I had this happen a few weeks back and was going insane and then figured out it was NTP and I had to set the time manually on the BIG-IQ to fix it so I could configure NTP servers.