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Sep 12, 2011

Importing config from 9.3.1 to 10.2.2




We are replacing existing bigip devices running with 9.3.1 and we need to import this configuration to devices running with 10.2.2.



Is it stright forward or we need to do something else.Is there any documentation.



Thanks for your help


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  • i never restored 9.3.1 UCS to 10.2.2 but i have done 9.4.x UCS to 10.2.x and it was fine except license which i had to re-activate and a few configuration which is not compatible in 10.2.x. anyway, it was not a big deal.



    the other way is to export 9.3.1 to SCF and import it to 10.2.2. this is simpler but SCF does not contain all files e.g. certificate/private key. so, you have to manually import them.



    sol8435: Overview of the single configuration file (SCF)




    hope this helps!
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    Mostly straightforward... There might be a few parts of the config that dont load though. Best advice is to grab a test unit and update to 10.2.2 and import the config ahead of time so you can see what needs to be fixed up by hand.