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Jun 03, 2024

IIS Based Application Load balancing Issue - F5

Hi Team,

We are attempting to deploy an IIS Windows-based application on F5, but it is not functioning, we are receiving only the health check responses from LB to backend server, but not any actual requests from the load balancer.

Could you please assist us with any necessary steps we need to follow while configuring F5 for an IIS Windows-based application? For your information, we have applied an SSL certificate on the backend server, but not on the load balancer. Could this be causing an issue?

Additionally, it would be very helpful if you could share the recommended load balancing algorithm for IIS Windows.


Thanks & Regards,

Shivam Aggarwal


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  • what's the " Source Address Translation " setting of the VS?
    the default value is None.

    simply setting it to Auto Map usually will solve the problem



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      Hi Zamroni, 


      We will check this as well. In the meantime, could you please confirm which load balancing algorithm is recommended for an IIS Windows-based application?

      Currently, we are using the Round Robin algorithm, but all our packets are showing as abandoned.


      Thanks & Regards,


  • If you could provide the virtual server configuration, pool configuration, and any other associated configuration we should be able to assist you further. Having the CLI output of this configuration would be the best to scan through.