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Feb 09, 2016

Icontrol snapin script add-f5.ltmvirtualserverrule

Hi, I was looking for an easy way to quick apply an Irule to a bunch of virtual servers, this is eventually being used to publish a maintenance page on a couple of websites.


So I foooled around with Icontrol a little bit and powershell F5 snapin. Now I'm looking for a script/oneliner which is able to put an Irule on a VS and remove it afterwards.


I tried this way :


ps > add-f5.ltmvirtualserverrule /Common/Irule -virtualserver /Common/Virtualserver


Which produces an error message: Cannot bind parameter 'Virtualserveritem' etc


So it looks like this cmdlet isn't suitable for a oneliner perhaps.


I found out (using Devcentral search) that the F5 management pack provides you with a cmdlet Register-LTMiRule, this would be perfect, however this cmdlet isn't available within the Icontrol package...


I'm not much of a powershell scripter so is there a oneliner/script available for this kind of purpose?


Best, E


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