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Mar 02, 2012

iControl Guru Panel - Live DevCentral Event (March 14th)




I 'registered' for this event, and I noticed at the end of the registration process, when I clicked the 'Confirm' button...nothing happened (i.e. no JavaScript fired anything off that I could see in my browser, which is (not because I like it) :



IE v7.0.6002.18005


Product ID: 89579-236-0200203-71410


Update Versions:0



running on (again, not because I like it) Windows Vista Enterprise, Service Pack 2.



Am wondering if I can somehow actually see if I am registered for this event.





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  • I just looked in the registration list and don't see your email in there. Care to try again? We've had quite a few registrations today so the system should be working.
  • Thanks, Joe.


    Still not doing anything when I click the 'Confirm' button at the end of the registration process.


    I will execute the registration process with a 'real' machine (and browser) this evening ;o)
  • Joe,



    I 'registered' via my Linux laptop at home this evening and it seemed to work.


    Can you check if I'm officially registered?



    ~ snovakov