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Aug 03, 2011

iControl ASM




I wanted to know if it was possible to use iControl to edit ASM policy specifically "Accepted URLs and Accepted File Types".



We have a web application that remains static version to version. Given that all of the paths and file types remain static we were thinking of locking it down to the allowed URLS and file types.



The idea is for the application developer to write a script that produces a list of all the URL / File Types. I would like to then take that list and write a script that uses iControl to delete existing Accepted URL and File Types and add the new ones.



I had a brief look at the :: wiki but was not able to find anything that may be of use.



Is this possible?





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  • Hi Paul,



    I think these might be relevant:

  - File types

  - URLs



    Else, if iControl doesn't support this now, you could try exporting the ASM policy to XML, modify it and re-import it.



  • I have had a look but am unable to determine how to use the above structures. How would I view the current structures, delete or create new ones?