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May 28, 2011

ICMP ping problem

ICMP Ping Problem Hi, I've configure 1 F5 version 4.6.4 on my lab The connection is like this User PC ---- F5 port 1.8 --- F5 port 1.1 ---> ADSL modem From user PC I able to open the website browse the internet and etc but I can't ping to any website. can anyone provide the manual for me, thank you

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    Thanks for the question. I have a question for you though. The version number you list seems odd. What specific product are we talking about? Are talking about LTM, GTM, ARX, Firepass or another product?



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  • thanks for your reply, I'm using LTM version. Right now the ping can run already, after I pass it to firewall :) everything work now :D