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    HI Cory, are you replacing storefront servers with dynamic webtops or integrating with storefront 2.5?


    If you are integrating with sf 2.5 you will need to modify the iApp created SSO to account for the different authentication url's used by SF 2.5.


    Modify start URI: /Citrix/"store"/ExplicitAuth/Login*


    Modify Form Action /Citrix/"store"/ExplicitAuth/LoginAttempt


    Remove Domain "domain" from hidden form parameters.


    Were "store" and "domain" are your unique values.


    Last piece is to define the domain used in your environment. You can do this on the storefront server by defining the trusted domain for your environment rather then the default "Any domain". By doing so you no longer need to supply the domain when logging into storefront.


    Or you can modify your access policy to include the domain when presenting credentials to storefront server: open access policy and select "sso credentials mapping"


    Choose custom from drop down options next to sso token username field and add the following: expr {"domain"\[mcget {session.logon.last.username}]"} were domain is your unique value.


    Last piece, remove the "variable assign" object from your access policy since it is no longer being used.


  • Greg,


    Thanks for the help, I am new to f5 and trying to setup a POC to replace our current UAG environment.


    I had a consultant from f5 come down and help with the Citrix Storefront thru the portal and it worked; however, the Rx did not and we ran out of time. I am trying to use storefront for the authentication piece and everything works internally, but fails at the authentication price on the portal. Do you know if I need a separate portal for Citrix RX?


    What type of AD authentication do you use on the storefront? I am more then happy to share configs with you if needed.


    Thanks again and this forum is a huge positive!!


  • Guys this will be supported in 11.6 I think the release date is in the next few months.