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May 10, 2012

Hyper-V and Tagged VLANs




I have a very weird problem which I can't seem to resolve by myself.


I have a BIG-IP LTM up and running on HYPER-V with 4 virtual legacy interfaces.




The first legacy NIC is automatically assigned to MGMT.


The 2nd legacy NIC (1.1 on the BIG-IP) is untagged and I can ping the SELF-IP just fine.


The 3rd legacy NIC (1.2 on the BIG-IP) is also untagged and I can ping the SELF-IP just fine.


The 4th legacy NIC (1.3 on the BIG-IP) is tagged with two VLANs, the first VLAN tag is 1000 and the 2nd VLAN tag is 1100.


I have created a Self-IP per VLAN and for some very odd reason I can't ping the Self-IPs from there corresponding VLANs.


I have configured the NICs on the VMs settings to use tag 1000 and 1100 respectively and still ping fails.




What am I doing wrong?




Please help!








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  • I got this resolved.



    Apparently I was using "Private" VNICs which do not support VLAN tagging or traffic, once changed to Internal VNIC things started to work just fine.




    Jr =]


  • there's a couple of things worth pointing out about Hyper-V deployments of BIG-IP VE:


    (These can be found in the manual too, but here's a concise little guide):



    1) You can have up to four Legacy Network Adapters assigned to the BIG-IP VE Hyper-V Virtual Machine container. You'll probably want three at a minimum for an Internal and External network, but BIG-IP is quite flexible and will fit 1 to 3 data plane interfaces handily.



    2) To use a VLAN tag:


    2.1) VLAN tags can be configured on the Legacy Network Adapter (Hyper-V configuration)


    - open the nic on the vm


    - [x] Enable virtual LAN identification


    - Put in a VLAN ID value to use for tags


    2.2) Configure VLANs to use untagged interfaces (BIG-IP configuration)


    2.3) Configure the receiving device to accept and send the correct VLAN tags (switch, router, BIG-IP hardware, Hyper-V server, etc.)







  • So I'm back at the beginning...


    According to what is written above, I can't create multiple tagged VLANs on the same interface.


    I need to have at least two tagged vlans using one internal vSwitch, Is there a way to work around this?







  • It's a Hyper-V limitation that I've not found a way to work around. Passing tags from the guest into a virtual switch or onto the wire doesn't seem to function.




    If you really need to pass tags from BIG-IP Virtual Edition, Xen and VMware support passing guest tags into virtual switch infrastructures.


















  • No exactly... You can indeed use hyperV to do exactly as you wish...


    Powershell as admin on host....


    set-vmnetworkadaptervlan -trunk -allowedvlanidlist "222,250,263" -vmname f5ve001 -vmnetworkadaptername f5ve001 -nativevlanid 1


    It works.