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Mar 27, 2012

HTTPS Traffic

Hi Guys,



We have a virtual server with the service HTTPS.



We want to do the following.



1) All the HTTPS requests "/abc*" and "/xyz*" should go the pool "HTTPS_Pool" or else they should go to the another pool "NEW_Pool"




( NOTE: here "/abc*" means "/abc/x" or "/abc/y" or "/abc/z"...etc


Also the same is applicable for "/xyz*" )



when HTTP_REQUEST priority 10 {


switch -glob [HTTP::path] {


"/abc*" -


"/xyz*" { pool HTTPS_Pool }


default { pool NEW_Pool }







Could you pls let me know if the above rule can good?


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  • Hi,



    That looks correct assuming you have a client SSL and server SSL profile added to the virtual server and the NEW_Pool servers are expecting HTTPS.



  • Thank you Aaron for your response.



    It is not working for HTTPS and it is redirecting to HTTP



    BTW, the same rule is working for HTTP
  • Can you add a custom HTTP profile with rewrite redirects enabled to the HTTPS virtual server?