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Apr 05, 2011

HTTPS pass thru config needs maintenance page

Hello -



LTM 9.3.1


We have a configuration where clients via browsers connect to a VIP using https. The https is not terminated but passed through to the back-end servers. I've been trying to come up with an irule to redirect clients to a pardon via http when there no active servers in the pool. The pardon page exists on a pardon webserver that handles pardon pages for various applications. e.g. http://pardonserver/application_name



Since I cannot use HTTP:redirect, is there another way to do this.



Thank you -Jim.



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  • Hi Jim,





    This iRule allows an administrator to pass HTTPS traffic through the BIG-IP wtihout decrypting it. If there are no nodes available in the pool, the rule will use a client SSL profile and HTTP profile to decrypt the HTTPS and issue a redirect to a maintenance page.



    The iRule depends on having the SSL certificate and key imported to the BIG-IP, configured in a client SSL profile and attached to the virtual server. An HTTP profile must also be associated with the virtual server. The virtual server and pool would typically be configured for HTTPS on port 443.