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Mar 17, 2011

Https ECV doesn't mark down node

My LTM version is 10.2



and one of my pool had an HTTPS ECV check like below:




pool somepoolname {


monitor all ecv_https


members { {} {} {}











monitor ecv_https {


defaults from https


recv disable "TrafficDisabled"


recv "TrafficEnabled"


send "/...................\r\n"







it works and can get the "receive string", I noticed that one member in the pool get the "recv disable string",




and on web gui is is showing "Available (Disabled) - Pool member is available, monitor disabled"




but the "b pool Pool_Name show" still showing it is "active and up", does a HTTPS ECV check mark down any " monitor disabled" member, how can I have the member mark down automatically when the ECV check saw it is "disable"?








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  • I think I had the answer, the "recv disable string" is actually disable the monitor itself when the receive string match the value here, rather than disable the member,


    hmmmm, removed the "recv disable string", have a blank value on the web gui for this field, the "TrafficDisabled" menber marked down quickly.
  • It sounds like the monitor is working properly.



    Receive Disable String Setting:


    This setting works like Receive String, except that the system marks the node or pool member disabled when its response matches Receive Disable String but not Receive String. To use this setting, you must specify both Receive Disable String and Receive String.



    If you are wanting to mark the node down, use the Reverse Check:


    Instructs the system to mark the target resource down when the test is successful. This setting is useful, for example, if the content on your web site home page is dynamic and changes frequently, you may want to set up a reverse ECV service check that looks for the string Error. A match for this string means that the web server was down. You can use Reverse only if you configure both Send String and Receive String.



    Configure it the alert much like you have but with the Recieve String (not Recieve Disable String) being the failure condition. Then set the Reverse Check setting to yes.