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May 19, 2011

HTTP_REQUEST not working for HTTPS with SSL Offloading

I am having a problem with my iRule. I cannot get the iRule to recognize HTTP_REQUEST. I am using HTTPS with SSL Offloading and requiring a Client Certificate.



My iRule should check the URL and only if /FOLDERA/ is in the URL will it continue. But it's not recognizing it at all.





if { ( [string toupper [HTTP::uri]] starts_with "/FOLDERA/" ) } {


log local0. "URL Accepted [HTTP::uri]"


} else {


log local0. "URL Rejected [HTTP::uri]"









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  • Hi LB,



    What do you mean "not recognizing"? Do you see the log statements getting hit in /var/log/ltm?



  • Nothing is being logged even when I just do the iRule just like this. Nothing is logged.



    when HTTP_REQUEST {


    log local0. "Test"




  • Ok I just figured it out. After the when HTTP_REQUEST I have a when CLIENTSSL_HANDSHAKE and the connection was getting rejected there and therefore the HTTP_REQUEST wasn't being recognized.
  • That makes sense. If the HTTP headers weren't being parsed, you'd never get the HTTP_REQUEST event triggered.