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Jul 03, 2012

HTTP Proxy confusion




(First post)




We have a web application that embeds the google recaptcha within a page. Of course the requirement is that any redirection to the recaptcha element needs to be hidden/transparent. We are currently access these pages via a Apache ProxyPass server and its working well. We would like to remove this extra server and pass this function on to our F5 (3900) LB.




I am not having much luck. I can use a HTTP::redirect ..., this seem to provide the functionality however does not hid that fact that its is coming from google.


I have tried replacing the host via HTTP::header host and it seems to fail. Further research seems to indicate that I need to remove the "Accept-Encoding" header item, however this fails to work as well.


So if I run:




clientside {


if { [HTTP::host] != "" } then {


if { [HTTP::uri] starts_with "/recaptcha" } then {


HTTP::header replace host ""




if { [HTTP::header exists "Accept-Encoding"] } then {


log local0. "Before [HTTP::header "Accept-Encoding"]"


HTTP::header remove "Accept-Encoding"


log local0. "After [HTTP::header "Accept-Encoding"]"








I found that the remove or even a replace "" does not appear to do anything. I am not sure if this it the problem, but I am certain that I have missed something somewhere.




Any ideas?










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