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Jan 22, 2024

HTTP header: buffer full


I checked the LTM log

I found the log below:

01240005:3: Error querying client-side Content-Type HTTP header: buffer full (Server side: vip=/Common/secret profile=inflate pool=/Common/secret server_ip=x.x.x.x)


What does mean this log ??

I couldn't find the document...

Please help...

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  • This error is related to incorrectly processing DEFLATE compression in an HTTP flow, it looks like it can happen in several different ways depending on how the content is put together (compression, encoding, what profiles are applied to the vs, character set, etc). It may just be corruption, a non-standards-compliant server, or someone intentionally mal-forming their HTTP to try to trick a content filter or cause problems. BIG-IP has very strict checking of a lot of different aspects of HTTP while it's proxying requests/responses.

    I'd suggest to ignore it if it's not causing problems, or to open a support case with a decrypted packet capture if you can reproduce it and are interested to see what exactly is the problem (or f5 TMM bug) with your sample.