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Jun 05, 2012

How to take pool members offline via power shell?

Hi all. First, I'm a total noob to the BigIP system and am NOT a programmer and apologize if this seems rather simple. We literally just got our first F5 device in two days ago and I've been playing with it. We migrated from Juniper DX load balancers.



I've been tasked to setup scripts for our release management team to control traffic to individual web servers. Typically, we have two to five web servers per environment sitting behind an F5. When the team deploys to the environment, they like to take a few servers offline, gracefully, do the deployment, test, and then turn them back on before doing the same for the remaining systems. This was VERY simple in the Juniper DX.




From what it looks like, we want to target the POOL MEMBERS to accomplish this. They way we have this configured is we have a Pool defined for a particular site (each site has a unique IP on each webserver). We have one pool for traffic on 80 and one for traffic on 443 for each website.




POOL: Mysite1_443






How to I programatically say:



"take the member offline in the Mysite1_443 pool, gracefully, letting traffic trickle off without abruptly ending any existing sessions"




We'd like to do this on the users' workstations via Powershell if possible.








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  • Hi Dominic, here's a codeshare entry I wrote a while ago illustrating how to use the PoolMember methods:



    There's also this Tech Tip on Server Control





    In it, I'm using the NodeAddress interface, but it can be easily adapted for Pool Members as the methods are very similar.



    Hope this helps...