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    Consult with this documentation. Major Tasks would be.


    1. MGMT IP assignment
    2. License loading
    3. Module Provisioning
    4. VLAN Creation (External and Internal)
    5. Pools and VIPS Creation based on requirements.
  • If I could expand on that somewhat, still far from a complete list;


    Device Configuration


    • Hypervisor stuff if VE – like what???
    • Management network interface IP address and route via LCD or serial
    • Licensing
    • Provisioning
    • Management IP, default account passwords, timezone, Hostname etc.
    • Disk partitions, TMOS upgrades and hotfix installations
    • Administrative Partitions
    • Local user accounts, remote authentication and user roles
    • local host file
    • DNS, NTP, SNMP, SMTP, Logging, log rotation etc.
    • Management tasks such as configuration backups and management routes, service failure actions and time zone
    • Security (password policy, banners, timeouts, source address persistence)
    • Physical Interfaces and Trunks
    • VLANs, STP (not on the 2000s, 2200s, 4000s, or 4200v platforms) , LLDP
    • Route Domains
    • Self IPs, ARP and NDP
    • LTM Routing
    • Failover and Configsync etc.
    • Global settings such as PMTUD, Auto Last Hop and L2 cache aging time



    • Nodes
    • Health Monitors
    • Pools
    • S/NATs
    • SSL Certificate installation
    • Profiles;
    • Persistence
    • - Protocol
    • - SSL
    • - HTTP
    • - HTTP Compression
    • - Web Acceleration
    • iRules, Data Groups, iFiles
    • Virtual Servers