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Feb 23, 2021

How to replace a Big-IQ managed Big-IP

I have two Big-IP 4200v appliances running 13.1 that are managed by Big-IQ v6.1 and would like to migrate the configurations to i5800 vCMPs running the same Big-IP version. The 4200v's have some manual configurations, a ton of certificates, and a lot of AS3 declared applications.


I was planning to install the new vCMPs with a different IP address and use the platform migration to migrate the existing configuration. We ran into some issues with the AS3 declared apps on the new vCMP and had to manually remove those through postman, but we also ran into an issue with joining the new vCMP to Big-IQ. Big-IQ keeps seeing the new vCMP with the same hostname as the old 4200v.


I've searched the Big-IQ documentation and couldn't really find any information on what you should do when you need to replace a Big-IP that is managed by Big-IQ.


Thanks for any help

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    I tried to use some ideas to migrate, but no one works. All the Applications that was shown as AS3 now are Legacy.

    So my idea was, re-launch all the AS3 using BIG IQ to return all my applications .


    This could help you with backup to new device