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Nov 05, 2020

How to provision or reduce memory dedicated to the TMM

On one machine the moment i have 5GB total and the TMM reserves aroun 2 GB of it. How can I edit this? and Either reduce or increase the TMM reserved memory. I have another machine which 20 GB is reserved for the TMM, there I want to reduce it to 10 GB and the rest leave for the host.


when I check the memory through tmsh show sys memory - it shows TMM: 0 Total 20GB . I want to reduce that, with which parameter do I decrease it.


Thank you

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  • For example there is some sort of a limit regarding the TMM memory. fore example on the host that has 5GB total ram I cant reduce the TMM memory below 2 GB. If I try to provision more memory to the host than 1300mb it says there is not enough memory, although the it has 5 GB total memory from which 2 GB are for the tmm.

    By looking at my different host I see that there is some % of the total memory that is dedicated for the TMM, how can I change that percent, which variable is it?

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      this gives some guidance



      but as with a similar question recently, why do you want to change this? you are using the settings adviced by F5, is you change this there might be unwanted effects.


      why does your host need more memory compared to tmm?