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Mar 22, 2021

How to make access profile allow non auth'ed people in



if I have a



and I apply access profile to vs_test (say ap_test)


and the flow for that is


start -> allow


that still fails


if i want to allow user to browse to http://test/ and if there is no userid/auth session allow them in

but if they go to


it bumps them off to a logon page


To expand I was thinking to use per request access prolicy to protect /secret or any other uri that needs protection



I can't seem to do it





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  • Hi,


    I think you are on the right track. A policy with "Start ---> Allow" will work, everyone will pass without the need to further authenticate.


    Pay attention, in your example above you are mixing http and https URLs. If your VS is listening on http and you Access Policy has a setting for "Cookie Options: Secure" enabled it won't work with http, only with https.

    A cookie with the Secure attribute set is sent to the server only over https.

    If you apply an Access Policy with "Cookie Options: Secure" enabled to a http virtual then APM will display a blocked page saying "Access was denied by the access policy."


    The idea of have a Pre-Request Policy for /secret is also right.







  • Thanks.


    Tried it not working ... very strange


    I found this



    an old but it has allowed me to do what I want.