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Jul 13, 2022

How to link the VIP subnet with traffic-group ?

Hi team , 


We have 2 subnets for configuring VIP and we have 2 f5's in cluster nd 2 traffic-groups ..So I just wanted to know how we configure specific subnet to be part of one traffic group ? = trafic-group-1 = traffic group-2 

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  • The mapping to a traffic group (allowing you to run your failover device group in active/active mode) will be done on virtual address level:

    Local Traffic ›› Virtual Servers : Virtual Address List

    I´m not aware this could be done on subnet level, except your virtual servers are configured with a subnet destination.

    Make sure to have a 2nd floating IP address configured as well and have it assigned to the 2nd traffic group for SNAT automap.



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      So it means everytime we configure new VIP , We have to select the traffic group for that VIP from "Virtua ddress list" 

      • Yes, but you can also work with administrative partitions and put your new virtual servers into a partition associated with traffic-group-1 oder the other partition associated with traffic-group-2.