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May 23, 2017

How to export the city information in the log

I'm trying to export all requests to a log file. I have used the geo_location field which can print out Country/city location information, but actually it just output country infromation, such as "US". I want to output city location information to the Log, what should I do?


The exported log is as follows: 2017-05-23T10:40:09+08:00 host-10-18-192-10.openstacklocal ASM: {"date_time":"2017-05-23 10:40:08","geo_location":"TH","attack_type":"","device_id":"N/A","ip_address_intelligence":"N/A","management_ip_address":"","method":"GET",,"policy_name":"/Common/lowlevel","protocol":"HTTP","query_string":"","request_status":"passed","response_code":404,"severity":"Informational","sig_ids":"","sig_names":"","sig_set_names":"","src_port":47949,"sub_violations":"","support_id":7540961517978517720,"uri":"/bookstore/images/","username":"N/A","violation_details":"","violation_rating":"0","violations":"","virus_name":"N/A"}015


Supplementary explanation:


  1. I can see the city information displayed in the GUI but not in the Log as the following picture shown.
  2. I have updated the GEOIPDB to the latest version.

Does anyone know the user name and password of mysql which ASM connected?


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