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May 08, 2012

How to cross route between two route domain(0 and 1)

Currently there are two route domains and two vlans on our F5, each route doamin has one vlan. There is no cross traffic between these 2 route domain right now.


How can we configure the route on F5 to allow the cross traffic between the 2 route domain, so the VS can have members across the 2 vlans?


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  • I don't have too much experience with route domains, in fact I just started playing with them today. Check out the Strict Isolation settings in the route domains. Setting the Parent ID on RD1 might also help as it will allow RD1 to check the routing table on RD0 if it doesn't have a route of its own. Please test it out in a dev environment first as I don't have much experience with it.
  • I don't think it will work. Because there is one default route in each route domain already.



    Actually base on the document from f5, we can enable the cross route with creating one static route with the "resource" is the destination vlan.



    Can anyone advise that the above method is going to work?