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Aug 08, 2021

How to create a Traffic group or Partition in Big-IQ



New to Big IQ, looking to see how I can create a traffic group and then push it out to a Big IP.


Right now I am creating the traffic groups on the Big IP and then importing.


Also can i configure big ip via CLI, i am getting to know tmsh for the big ip and makes life easy for making scripts to make objects and do setups consistently. I would like to do it in BIG IQ and the push out. the local cli / tmsh on bigiq seems to be more about the local machine not configuring bigiq

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  • Hi,


    As far as I'm aware, you cannot create traffic groups on the BigIQ and then push them to the BigIP's. (Haven't tested this on 8.1 yet, but unlikely) The way the BigIQ's currently work with BigIP clustering, is that you create the traffic groups on the BigIP's, then import the devices to inform the BigIQ about it, so that the BigIQ can work with it (for failovers and for creating new objects), but that's about it.

    So the way you are doing it now (creating them on the BigIP's sounds correct to me.


    You are also correct that the BigIQ CLI is quite limited in what you can do for managing the BigIP's - all of this is done either via the GUI, or via REST API calls to the BigIQ or BigIP. For scripting, you can have a look at AS3 or Ansible to create them and then push the scripts out to the BigIP's?


    Hope this helps.